India Basin Waterfront Project Gains Approval

Kimberly Heaton

On October 16th, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to approve Build Inc’s proposed redevelopment at India Basin, transforming the 17-acre waterfront site into a mixed-use community featuring 1,575 residential units (25% affordable), 145,000 SF of commercial space and open space that will become part of the India Basin Shoreline Park.  KMA advised the developer throughout the entitlement process and provided analysis informing parties of the fiscal and economic impacts of the project.

KMA’s analysis evaluated annual recurring revenues and service costs to the San Francisco General Fund upon build-out of the project, as well as the one-time revenues, such as gross receipts taxes and impact fees, generated during the project’s construction. In addition, the analysis quantified the jobs, business sales, and employee compensation generated by the project within the City, including both direct, on-site economic impacts and the multiplier impacts generated by the expenditures of on-site businesses and employees.