KMA a Sponsor of CALED's 38th Annual Training Conference

March 14, 2018
Monterey, CA


KMA is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming CALED Annual Training Conference "engage", being held March 14 - 16 in Monterey, CA.  Jim Rabe will participate as a moderator on a panel dubbed "Defining and Promoting the ROI of Your Economic Development Efforts", while Debbie Kern will be a panelist discussing "Treasure Island and the Overlooked Tool of the IFRD".

Jim's panel is part of the "Lead & Succeed" track, with a focus on professional development.  The panel will include expert practioners sharing how they measure and promote the value of their economic development program.  From how they define their initial goals that are relevant to the community, to managing expectations and measuring and communication success, the CALED panelists will share how they promomte ROI of their economic development efforts.

Debbie's panel is part of the "Tech Learn" track, with a focus on technical tools that can be used for site development.  Debbie's session will focus on Infrastructure and Revitalization Financing Districts.  Economic development tools EIFDs and CRIAs get most of the attention but practioners will learn why they should also consider the benefits of IFRDs!   The pros and cons of the three tools will be compared and contrasted, and Debbie will be one of a team of experts providing updates on the status of Treasure Island; specifically how an IFRD was utilized to fund economic development.  Debbie prepared the financing plan for Treasure Island's adopted IFRD.