Public Facilities Finance

Successor Agencies of former redevelopment agencies must address the increased complexities of post-redevelopment finance and accountability. Keyser Marston has the expertise to provide this assistance.  Prior to redevelopment dissolution, Keyser Marston was retained as a fiscal consultant to provide independent financial analyses in the issuance of new and refunded tax allocation bonds (totaling over $4 billion), and continues to provide fiscal consulting services to Successor Agencies seeking refinancing of bonds. As an independent fiscal consultant, Keyser Marston provides required financial analyses related to ongoing Continuing Annual Disclosure requirements and consulting services to Successor Agencies in the preparation of semi-annual Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS) required by the State Department of Finance.  Keyser Marston also assists counties in meeting responsibilities related to redevelopment dissolution including calculation of pass through payments and prior period adjustment reporting. 

Our Services Include:

  • Semi-annual ROPS preparation and review
  • Cash flow and residual tax distributions to taxing agencies
  • Continuing Annual Disclosures
  • Pass through calculations