Linnie Gavino

Linnie Gavino is a Principal in the San Diego office of Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. (KMA).  She joined KMA in 1997.

Key Role

Linnie has worked primarily with public sector clients focusing on projects requiring financial, market, and demographic research and analysis. Specializing in affordable housing, Linnie has comprehensive experience working with projects subject to tax credit, tax-exempt financing, and other affordable housing guidelines.  Her areas of concentration include:

  • Market and financial analyses for market-rate and affordable housing
  • Economic development strategies for cities and communities
  • Fiscal and economic impact analysis

Areas of Specialization

Affordable Housing

Linnie has provided a range of housing-related services including market studies, formulation of development concepts, analysis of policy issues, disposition and implementation strategies, preparation of developer solicitations, financial pro forma analysis, developer negotiations, and transaction structuring. 

Linnie assisted the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) with the preparation of a financing plan for the acquisition and development of new affordable housing units, leveraged by SDHC’s existing portfolio of properties.

In addition, Linnie has assisted a number of cities such as San Diego and the Solana Beach quantify the impact of market rate residential development on the need for affordable housing, in support of inclusionary housing and affordable housing impact fees programs implemented by these jurisdictions

Economic Development

Linnie has prepared market demand analyses, economic profiles, and implementation strategies to assist cities in fulfilling their economic goals and objectives.  In cities such as Riverside and Bakersfield, Linnie identified the existing physical conditions Iocal services, and economic and financial factors that hinder or support economic development, as well as examined the community and regional assets impacting those communities.

Fiscal and Economic Impacts

Linnie has assisted, cities, counties, and developers with analysis of the fiscal impact resulting from updates or amendments to General Plans or Specific Plans in the cities of Chula Vista, Cathedral City, Laguna Niguel, San Diego, as well as Imperial County.

Linnie has also reviewed key demographic and economic trends in order to assess the development potential for private and public improvements.  Linnie assisted with the update of the Downtown San Diego Community Plan, identifying downtown’s key opportunities and challenges and providing a forecast of the timing and achievable build-out for a range of downtown land uses.

Professional Credentials

Linnie currently serves on the San Diego Housing Commission Loan Committee.  She is also a member of the San Diego Housing Federation and has conducted technical workshops for a number of professional groups.  Linnie holds an M.A. in Urban Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles; and a B.A. in Public Administration and Urban Studies from San Diego State University.  

Contact Linnie

email: | phone 619.718.9500