Kimberly Heaton

Kimberly Heaton oversees library and research services, providing support to the Berkeley, Los Angeles and San Diego office locations.  She joined the firm in 2000.

Key Roles

Kimberly is a team player who contributes on a wide range of KMA projects, by conducting as-needed research on real estate development, land use, finance, economic and legal issues.  Additionally she tracks industry news and legislation, as well as market and statistical data of particular interest to KMA and its clientele, and disseminates this information on a regular basis.  By maintaining a corporate information Portal for research data, and along with internal and external reports, she facilitates information flow within the firm.  

Kimberly is also responsible for the Keyser Marston website and assists with marketing efforts.

Professional Credentials 

Kimberly holds a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Indiana University as well as a BA with a double major in English and History, and is a member of the Urban Land Institute and the Special Libraries Association. 

Contact Kimberly

email: | phone 415.398.3050