Kate Earle Funk

Kate Earle Funk is a founder and Senior Principal in Keyser Marston’s San Francisco office. She has over 40 years of experience in real estate and urban economics.

Key Role

With her broad experience, Kate has managed projects involving market and financial analyses, and urban economic analyses for policy planning.

Areas of Specialization

Affordable Housing Nexus Studies & Inclusionary Programs

Over the past twenty five years, Kate has pioneered the development of nexus studies to support affordable housing policy programs. Initially she developed a methodology for job housing studies to support fee programs on commercial and industrial development. Under her direction, a model to perform the analysis was developed and over twenty five jurisdictions were assisted in the design of linkage fee programs, most of them successfully adopted.

In recent years she has developed and refined residential nexus studies to link market rate housing development to the need for affordable housing. Residential nexus studies as stand alone analyses or in conjunction with inclusionary programs has represented a major share of her work in recent years.  She particularly likes to work with cites and counties to deisgn and adopt programs that are tailored to local policy objectives, as well as real estate market conditions. 

Other Nexus Work

In addition to the affordable housing nexus work, Kate has prepared other AB 1600 analyses, linking new development to demand for childcare, parks/open space, and the arts. Examples of cities that have adopted such programs are San Mateo, West Sacramento, Santa Monica, and Seattle.

Professional Credentials

In her professional career, Kate has been a speaker for organizations such as CRA, California League of Cities,  Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and classes at UC Berkeley and USC. She is a member of the Lambda Alpha Honorary Land Economics Society. Kate received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.


email: kfunk@keysermarston.com | phone 415.398.3050