ULI San Francisco Issues Report "Tackling Sea-Level Rise"

Kimberly Heaton

The San Francisco chapter of Urban Land Institute (ULI) issued a report this month, Tackling Sea-Level Rise: Best Practices in the San Francisco Bay Area, which highlights the best practices and lessons learned that could help Bay Area cities adopt resilient and collaborative strategies to confront the challenge of sea level rise.  This Resiliency Best Practices project consisted of two forums held last summer, the first highlighted jurisdictional planning efforts, while the second had a focus on entitlement processing.  Jerry Keyser, KMA's Chairman of the Board, was a panelist on the second forum.  

Five key findings of this project were offered:  1- Rethink approaches to governance and scale, 2- Integrate resilience into existing planning and funding sytems, 3- Develop and implement innovate financing, 4- Engage the private sector, 5- Establish certainty in standards and flexibility in response.