The McKinsey Institute releases report "A Tool Kit to Fix California’s Housing Shortage"

Kimberly Heaton

A Tool Kit to Fix California’s Housing Shortage: 3.5 Million Homes by 2025, the new report released by the McKinsey Institute of Global Studies, tackles California's chronic housing crisis by offering 15 ideas that could help cities throughout the state meet the challenge of producing more affordable housing units.   The McKinsey Institute consulted with many experts in the housing industry including Keyser Marston's Paul Marra

The report outlines four broad catgories of tools, and can be accessed at the link above. 

  • ƒ Five tools could help California communities identify the right land for new housing
  • ƒ Two tools could remove barriers to developing housing on this high-potential land
  • ƒ Five tools could cut the cost and risk of producing housing
  • ƒ Three tools could help to ensure housing access for citizens who are priced out of the market