KMA Involvement with ULI San Diego - Tijuana District Council TAP

Paul Marra

On March 20 - 21, 2014 KMA Principal Paul Marra participated in a Technical Assistance Panel "TAP" sponsored by the ULI San Diego- Tijuana District Council.   Paul chaired the TAP as it explored options for the Baja California Center (BCC) District Implementation Strategy, which involved exploring the best options to implement a 700-acre mixed-use district surrounding the new convention center in Playas de Rosarito, Mexico.

The Economic Development Council of Tijuana requested that the TAP assistance in formulating a strategy to help catalyze development around the Baja California Center "BCC".  The Council envisions the BCC becoming the center of a thriving mixed-use district that would include synergistic mix of public and private uses that would not only help support the convention center but help drive the local economy. The final TAP report was published in May, and available at this link Land Use and Amenity Concept Plan.