Public-private partnerhips (P3) are collaborations between public agencies and private businesses to plan and execute development projects.  Keyser Marston has long been a pioneer in structuring creative P3s, specializing in the evaluation and negotiation of transactions that achieve the goals and objectives of both the public sector as well as the private development partner.  We strive to create successful P3s that will ultimately enhance communities and provide public benefits, take advantage of public financing opportunities, provide a fair return for publicly-owned properties, capitalize on the value that the private sector can offer to the transaction,  and are financially feasible.  

A successful partnership includes roles for both the public sector and private development partners.  Our real world experience enables us to provide a variety of services relating to P3s.

Our Services Include:

  • Public Benefit Analyses
  • Public Private Financing Plans
  • Public Finance Authority and Private Sector
  • Transit Oriented Developments
  • Financial Feasibility Analyses
  • Market Feasibility Analyses
  • Business Term Negotiation
  • Developer Selection
  • Ground Lease Negotiation
  • Infrastructure Financing Plans