Infrastructure Finance

Securing funding for new public facilities and infrastructure has always been challenging, but has become even more vexing with the dissolution of redevelopment agencies and the loss of redevelopment financing.  One of KMA’s core services is developing creative, successful, financing plans.  We evaluate the feasibility and appropriateness of a full spectrum of tools and tailor a structure for each specific circumstance.  Financing plans often involve layering multiple public and private sources. Tools range from developer incentives and exactions to public resources, including the newest variants of IFDs- Enhanced Infrastructure Finance Districts (EIFDs) and Infrastructure and Revitalization Financing Districts (IRFDs).  KMA prepare the financing plans for the following formed districts: County of Sacramento Metro Air Park EIRD, City of San Francisco Mission Rock, City of West Sacramento EIFD No. 1, City of San Diego Otay Mesa EIFD, Mission Rock WIFD, Treasure Island IRFD, Historic Core Pier 70 WEIFD, Rincon Hill IFD; and Legoland IFD.  

Funding the maintenance of public infrastructure and on-going municipal services is also a key concern of cities and counties.  Evaluating the fiscal impacts and structuring effective, fair financing plans is also a core service of KMA.  KMA has structured municipal service financing plans for large residential projects, specific plan areas, and mixed-use developments.  The plans often include multiple layers, including CFD special taxes, General Fund tax revenues, assessment districts, and developer exactions.

Our Services Include:

  • Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts "EIFDs"
  • Infrastructure and Revitalization Financing Districts "IRFDs"
  • P3s
  • Developer Incentives/Entitlements
  • Impact Fees/Nexus Studies
  • New Markets Tax Credits
  • Community Facility Districts (CFDs) for both capital and services